The 20th workshop on 3D IGABT, Vienna - November 2016

At the AKH in Vienna, the 20th 3D IGABT workshop took place on Monday November 28 and Tuesday November 29. The workshop was attended by 17 participants, from 9 different hospitals. The attendees came from Thailand (5 persons), Hong Kong (2), France (1), USA (2), Sweden (3) and Spain (4). The workshop started with presentations from each hospital on their current practice. It was interesting to see that most of them had already experience with 3D imaging for brachytherapy. They attended the workshop to deepen their knowledge on 3D IGABT and to their skills on interstitial brachytherapy. After the presentations, the workshop followed its traditional approach with a focus on theory and presentations on the first day and more hands-on activities on the second day.

The presenters Prof. Kirisits, Dr. Mahantshetty, Dr. Sturdza and Dr. Nesvacil did an excellent job both in teaching and organizing the workshop. Especially because Prof. Pötter could only attend one day and two other presenters were ill.

The early feedback from the attendees was very positive and they planned to implement to learned knowledge and skills in their daily practice as soon as possible. March 20-21, 2017, the next workshop will be organized.