BrachyTalk interview with Dr Anuja Jhingran, Radiation Oncologist at MD Anderson

Dr Jhingran has over 20 years of experience in treating gynecologic cancers with radiation in general and with Brachytherapy in particular. Who can better stress the benefits of adding Brachytherapy to external radiation in the overall survival of these patients?

In this video she also explains the differences in availability and usage of Brachytherapy in cervical cancer in the US vs the developing world. The one overriding shared need in these two different world, however, exists of 12 syllables: “education, education, education”. And regarding the developing world, next to installing external radiation equipment, the virtual non-existence of Brachytherapy equipment to really further improve the overall survival of the many many patients in this part of the world.

So please sit back and take a few minutes to watch this extraordinary educational BrachyTalk and learn from the expert how she, following widespread guidelines, treats gynecological cancers.