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New interviews

Dr Anuja Jhingran – MD Anderson: ‘The differences in availability and usage of Brachytherapy in cervical cancer in the US vs the developing world’ 

Henrike Westerveld and Bradley Pieters – Academic Medical Center: ‘Amsterdam Brachy College’ 

Dr. Ann Henry – St. James Institute of Oncology: ‘Real-time image guided HDR Brachytherapy for prostate cancer’ 

Dr. Cristina Gutièrrez – Catalan Institute of Oncology: ‘APBI (Accelerated Partial Breast Irradiation) and the advantages of Brachytherapy’ 

Dr. Dan Krauss – Beaumont Hospital: ‘Practical prostate brachytherapy’


Dr. Christian Kirisits
Dr. Pedro Lara
Dr. Yaw Chin
Prof. Vratislav. Strnad
Dr. Ferran Guedea
Prof. Janush Skowronek
Prof. György Kovács
Prof. Kari Tanderup
Prof. Luc Beaulieu
Prof. Takashi Nakano
Dr. Marjory Jolicoeur
Dr. Alexandra Stewart
Prof. Jun Itami
Prof. David Gaffney
Dr. Umesh Mahantshetty
Dr. Henrike Westerveld and Dr. Bradley Pieters


Dr. Robert Kuske
Dr. Linda Anne Smith
Dr. Johann Tang
Dr. Atif Khan
Dr. Mitch Kamrava
Prof. Vratislav. Strnad
Prof. Csaba Polgar
Dr. Chirag Shah
Dr. Cristina Gutièrrez


Dr. Sushil Beriwal
Dr. Beant Gill
Dr Mathew Biagioli
Dr. Beth Erickson
Prof Richard Pötter
Dr. Andrew Orton
Dr Anuja Jhingran


Dr. Shafak Aluwini
Dr. Gerard Morton
Prof. Yasuo Yoshioka
Dr. Dan Krauss
Dr. Ann Henry


Dr. Michael Kasper and Dr. Zoubir Ouhib

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