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The information in these interviews is provided by medical professionals, sharing their views on brachytherapy, and they do not necessarily reflect the view of Elekta. The information is not peer reviewed and should not be used to draw scientific medical conclusions or to base treatment decisions upon.

Latest Interviews

Dr. Rachit Kumar and Dr. Amir Sadeghi - Banner MD Anderson - share their clinical experience with the real-time HDR prostate brachytherapy.

Dr. S. Corradini and Prof. J. Ricke - LMU Munich - When collaborating efforts between departments created an important option for liver cancer patients

Dr. C. Shah - Clinical Research Cleveland Clinic - Triumph Update Advances in Breast Cancer Radiotherapy

Dr. R. Kuske - Arizona Breast Cancer Specialists - Triumph-T breast brachytherapy study

Dr. Spencer Thompson - Stephenson Cancer Center: Brachytherapy is an essential treatment for curing cervical cancer

Dr. Michael Kasper - Boca Raton Regional Hospital: extensive history using brachytherapy and the benefits to skin cancer patients.