Brachytherapy for endometrial cancer now endorsed by ASCO


ASCO (American Society of Clinical Oncology) recently published their endorsement of the guidelines of ASTRO (American Society for Radiation Oncology) for the treatment of patients with endometrial cancer after surgery. The ASCO Endorsement Panel determined that the recommendations from the ASTRO guideline are clear, thorough, and based on the most relevant scientific evidence.

The ASTRO guidelines recommend vaginal brachytherapy and/or pelvic radiation therapy in certain patients depending on the grade of the cancer and the extent of myometrial  invasion. Vaginal brachytherapy is recommended in all high-intermediate risk  patients and is preferred over pelvic radiation therapy in this group  for reasons of less toxicity.

Although recommended and proven effective1, brachytherapy for endometrial cancer is still underutilized worldwide. For instance, out of all patients with high-intermediate risk endometrial cancer in the USA, only 30% received brachytherapy treatment.2

Read the full article and ASCO endorsement

Read the ASTRO guidelines

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 Ko E et al. Did GOG 99 and PORTEC1 change clinical practice in the United States? Gynaecologic Oncology 2013;129:12-17.