New BrachyTalk interview with Dr Spencer Thompson

Brachytherapy is an essential treatment for curing cervical cancer. Dr. Spender Thompson’s skill at using this treatment comes from his extensive residency training and working in a region where incidence is high. He shares his vast knowledge of this discipline with his residents to ensure the next generation of Radiation Oncologists are well trained to meet the demands for treating this disease. … (more...)

New BrachyTalk interview with Dr Peter Rossi

Having used brachytherapy in a variety of body sites for over 10 years, Dr. Peter Rossi is considered a brachytherapy expert. He discusses his specialty, HDR prostate brachytherapy, and how it can improve efficacy and toxicity outcomes in men seeking this treatment. By training the next generation of Radiation Oncologists, he is ensuring that this modality continues to be used in the future. … (more...)

New BrachyTalk interview with Dr Michael Kasper

By working closely with Dermatologists, Dr. Michael Kasper has been able to spread the positive aspects of brachytherapy treatment for skin cancer.  In this video he discusses his extensive history using this radiation technique and the benefits to skin cancer patients. … (more...)