Amsterdam Brachy College 2019 – raising awareness among the young generation of users

On January 18-19th, 2019 BrachyAcademy organized and conducted the clinical workshop Amsterdam Brachy College at UMC Amsterdam. 16 Radiation Oncology residents and radiographers from The Netherlands, UK, Spain, Austria and Estonia familiarized themselves with theory and practice of brachytherapy and all got inspired with advantages of the method for treatment of cervical, prostate, breast and skin cancer. These workshops are aimed to raise awareness amongst the new generation of radiation … (more...)

Dr. Gerard Morton’s view on HDR vs LDR brachytherapy In this BrachyTalk, Dr Morton will share his insights on HDR versus LDR in brachytherapy of the prostate. Dr Morton is one of the co-authors of the article “The evolution of brachytherapy for prostate cancer”, published June 2017.* Since this state-of-the-art article was published the field developed rapidly. Dr Morton will highlight some of those in a broader perspective by comparing HDR,LDR, EBRT and surgery. *Nature Reviews Urology volume 14, pages 415–439 … (more...)

The first clinical report on the use of a new hybrid gynecologic applicator

  The first clinical report on the use of a new hybrid gynecologic applicator (Venezia) for treating advanced cervical cancer has been published in the journal Brachytherapy (1).  The results as presented in this publication highlight advancements in the treatment of this disease. Authors from LMU Munich hospital reported using both intracavitary (IC) and interstitial (IS) brachytherapy, under image-guidance, in 10 patients (40 treatment fractions) with FIGO stage IIB to IVA. All … (more...)