A successful 3rd Amsterdam Brachy College

On January 23-24 th, 2020 BrachyAcademy organized and conducted the   3rd  clinical workshop: Amsterdam Brachy College at Amsterdam UMC. 22 Radiation Oncology residents from Netherlands, Denmark, Spain, Germany, Mexico and Nigeria learned the theory and practice of brachytherapy and got inspired with the advantages of the method for the treatment of cervical, prostate, breast, and skin cancer. The main goal of the Amsterdam Brachy College is to raise awareness and popularity of … (more...)

BrachyTalk – Liver procedure at LMU Munich

  When collaborating efforts between departments created an important option for liver cancer patients. To watch the liver procedure video you need to log in to the BrachyAcademy. https://vimeo.com/384510904   … (more...)

Indian BT Society Guidelines for radiotherapeutic management of cervical cancer with special emphasis on HDR BT

The majority of cancer centers in India currently practice high-dose-rate (HDR) brachytherapy for cervical cancers. In an attempt to streamline management and improve patient care and clinical outcomes, a panel of Indian Brachytherapy Society members was formed. The panel of experts reviewed, discussed and proposed practical recommendations for ensuring minimum standards of radiotherapy, with a special emphasis on brachytherapy treatment for cervical cancers in India. The resulting guidelines … (more...)