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Rijnstate hospital in Arnhem houses 850 beds and is staffed by 3000 employees. It is a top clinical teaching hospital in The Netherlands, where patients can go for almost all specialties. Radiotherapie groep location Arnhem is located next to the Rijnstate hospital and is an independent, multidisciplinary radiation oncology center. Annually, approximately 2500 patients are treated with external beam radiation or brachytherapy at Radiotherapy groep location Arnhem.

Brachytherapy expertise

Radiotherapie groep location Arnhem is a state-of-art facility, which provides patients with the most comprehensive approach to radiation oncology treatment. The staff concists of over 125 cancer-care professionals including radiation oncologists, technologists, nurses and medical physicists. Clinical research plays a major role in the division.

A special focus area of the Radiotherapie groep location Arnhem is brachytherapy for the treatment of various types of cancer, including but not limited to gynecological, prostate, esophagus and bladder cancer. The brachytherapy team works closely with other specialists in hospital Rijnstate. Due to their key partnership with the urologists of Rijnstate, they are world leaders in the field of brachytherapy for bladder cancer, using a robot-assisted laparoscopic approach for implantation.

Educational activities

The members of the brachytherapy staff are internationally renowned researchers and presenters at international meetings and conferences. Together with Elekta, the center will develop a clinical workshop for bladder brachytherapy in the near future.

 Procedure video

Click here to view the procedure “Robot assisted laparoscopic bladder brachytherapy” as conducted in Radiotherapie groep location Arnhem / Rijnstate Hospital. To be able to view the video, register to the BrachyAcademy website and log in.

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    Radiotherapie groep location Arnhem / Rijnstate Hospital
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