Chiang Mai University Hospital

Chiang Mai University Hospital is the largest hospitals in Northern Thailand, with an in-patient
capacity of 1400 beds. Located in Chiang Mai, it is a University referral hospital. With the adoption of highly advanced technology, Chiang Mai University Hospital has seen uninterrupted growth in the areas of research, medical studies and personnel development.

Brachy expertise

Chiang Mai University Hospital has a long history in brachytherapy and introduced Iridium based HDR brachytherapy in 2001. A dedicated brachy team consisting of 2 radiation oncologists and 2 physicists treat around 30 patients with brachytherapy a week. Their main focus is on gynecological cancer, but they also occasionally treat other indications. The hospital is equipped for HDR image-based treatment using all imaging modalities including CT and MRI, and is recognized as an expert center in the region.

Educational activities

Chiang Mai University Hospital is a designated global Training Center for brachytherapy since
2011. Training visits to the hospital are organized for people wishing to learn more about 2D and 3D planning, with a special focus on the 2D to 3D migration process. Clinicians, physicists and nurses from all over the world can observe clinical workflows and daily practices during 3 to 5 days clinical attachment. In 2013 the brachytherapy department of Chiang Mai University Hospital hosted an IAEA supported brachytherapy workshop on the 2D to 3D migration process for Asian hospitals.

Upcoming Programs

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  • This is a BrachyAcademy educational centre for: Gynecology
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