Cone Health (Wesley Long Hospital)

Cone Health is an integrated not-for-profit network of health care providers serving people in central North Carolina. As one of the region’s largest and most comprehensive health networks, Cone Health has more than 100 locations, including six hospitals, three ambulatory care centers, three outpatient surgery centers, three urgent care centers, a retirement community, more than 100 physician practice sites and multiple centers of excellence.

Cone Health offers cancer care at six locations, including Cone Health Cancer Center at Wesley Long Hospital in Greensboro, our largest program, with five radiation oncologists and six medical physicists on site.  This location offers a full suite of services, including external beam treatment on four state-of-the-art linear accelerators, including TrueBeam STx and TomoTherapy Edge.

Brachy expertise

The Cone Health Cancer Center at Wesley Long Hospital was the first in North Carolina to introduce brachytherapy in 1993 and has since delivered brachytherapy to more than 2,500 patients.  The center has an impressive portfolio of brachytherapy technology, including very active low dose-rate (LDR) and high dose-rate (HDR) programs.  More than 150 patients are treated with brachytherapy each year.  A team of three radiation oncologists, four medical physicists, and two dosimetrists are specialized in delivering brachytherapy services.

The Multidisciplinary Prostate Cancer Clinic (MPCC), a collaboration between Cone Health and Alliance Urology Specialists, provides a team approach for prostate brachytherapy.  Strong urology participation has been a key component of Cone Health’s success in brachytherapy.

Educational activities

The Cone Health Cancer Center at Wesley Long Hospital is an Elekta-designated global Training Center in brachytherapy techniques, with a special focus on prostate malignancies.  Training visits to the hospital can be organized for people wishing to learn more about LDR prostate seed implants, where they will observe clinical workflows and daily practices first hand.

The hospital can host one to two days in-house training on aspects of LDR prostate seed implants and has organized several workshops on the subject.

Through extensive discussions and hands-on exercises, participants gain comprehensive practical insight into the clinical workflow of intraoperative planning and LDR brachytherapy for prostate cancer.

Upcoming Programs

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