Evangelical Clinics Gelsenkirchen

The Evangelical Clinics in Gelsenkirchen (Evangelische Kliniken Gelsenkirchen) are located in the middle of the Ruhr-Region in Germany. They were founded in 1872 and actually offer about 18.000 out- and 60.000 in-patient treatments yearly.  The clinics count 442 beds distributed in 15 departments, covering the full spectrum of oncology. The breast cancer center (Brustzentrum Ruhrgebiet) treats yearly about 600 new oncologic patients and is one of the largest centers in Germany.

Brachy expertise

The radiation oncology department was completely renewed in 2012 and offers high-end treatments including stereotactic and surface-guided radiotherapy (SBRT) treatments. The clinic introduced Brachytherapy in 2014 and actually performs about 800 brachytherapy implants yearly, especially in breast- cervix- and prostate cancer patients.

Educational activities

The clinic for Radiotherapy is accredited for the full specialty training in Radiation Oncology

Observational visits to the hospital are organized for people wishing to learn more about Breast (accelerated partial irradiation, APBI), Gynecological and Real-time HDR prostate brachytherapy, where they can observe clinical workflows and daily practices at first hand.

Upcoming Programs

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  • This is a BrachyAcademy educational centre for: Breast, Gynecology, Prostate
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