University Hospital La Fe

Covering an area of 260.000 square meters, the university Hospital La Fe is one of the biggest hospitals in the world with almost 1.000 hospital beds in individual rooms. 110 operations per day take place at the hospital, thanks to the 39 operating theatres. It is a leading institution in imaging diagnosis and tumor treatment and a national reference hospital for transplant procedures, operations and complex medical treatments.

Brachy expertise

The collaboration between the Head of the Radiophysics Service and the Head of the Department of Atomic and Nuclear Physics at the Physics University of Valencia has resulted in the two areas receiving worldwide recognition for the invention of a brachytherapy applicator called “Valencia” and the development of a dummy for Magnetic Nuclear Resonance in cervix brachytherapy. Another important achievement has been the development of Monte Carlo techniques applied to brachytherapy, and participating in the production of  AAPM-ESTRO consensus datasets.

The radiotherapy staff have an excellent reputation and are well known both within the Spanish Radiophysics community as well as internationally.
The department of brachytherapy treats about 250-300 patients per year using modern image-guided brachytherapy. The department is a clear leader in skin brachytherapy with its focus on the treatment of non-melanoma lesions, as well as having expertise in brachytherapy for a broad range of other body sites and techniques, including prostate, gynaecology and breast. The department provides LDR, PDR and HDR brachytherapy and possesses various imaging modalities including MRI.

Educational activities

The members of the brachytherapy staff are internationally renowned researchers and presenters at international meetings and conferences. Together with Elekta, the brachytherapy department provides workshops on the use of electronic beam brachytherapy for skin cancer. Moreover, Dr. Pérez -Calatayud and dr Dr. Francisco Celada were part of the faculty of the international clinical workshop about HDR and electronic brachytherapy for skin cancer that took place in The Christie Education Centre in Manchester in January 2015.

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