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The University Medical Center Schleswig-Holstein is one of the largest university hospitals in Europe with more than 70 clinics and institutes. It covers the entire spectrum of modern medical and health care in Kiel and Lübeck, its two locations having a rich tradition in medicine. It offers outstanding medical treatment and excellence in research and education with nearly 12.000 employees, 2470 patient beds and more than 100.000 hospitalized patients and 240.000 outpatient cases. The center provides top research at the interface of medicine, science and technology and maintains research cooperations with universities and large hospitals all over the world.

Brachytherapy expertise

The modern radiotherapy facilities of the hospital offer the full range of modern radiotherapy including numerous specialty treatments. The Interdisciplinary Brachytherapy Unit in Lübeck treats about 150-200 patients per year using modern image-guided and intensity modulated (IMBT) HDR brachytherapy. The staff has a significant clinical practice in a broad range of body sites and techniques, for example in head and neck, breast, prostate, eye,base of skull tumors, sarcomas and gynecological cancers. Perioperative treatments (intraoperative implantation followed by postoperative fractionated radiation) techniques represent 30% of all applications. The brachytherapy suite is equipped with general anesthesia facilities, a Flexitron afterloader, Oncentra Brachy planning software, 3D Ultrasound (B&K) with four different latest technology ultrasound probes, electronic CIVCO stepper full carbon operating coach, and a wide screen access to the hospital information system. The dedicated operating theatre also incorporates a mobile 3D C-Arm which can be used in selected cases as a cone beam CT unit, as well as with the MOSFET interstitial in-vivo dosimetry system.

Educational activities

Prof. dr. György Kovács, the head of the Interdisciplinary Brachytherapy Unit, is an internationally renowned researcher and presenter at international meetings and conferences. He has published in several national and international peer-reviewed journals and plays an active role in the GEC-ESTRO committee and German Society of Radiotherapy (DEGRO). He is involved as chair, director and teacher in many educational programs and workshops, especially focusing on head and neck brachytherapy.
As part of the BrachyAcademy, the University Medical Center Schleswig-Holstein Campus Lübeck is a designated Educational Center for HDR brachytherapy with a focus on head and neck cancer and perioperative brachytherapy treatments. Training visits to the hospital are organized for clinicians, physicists and nurses from all over the world, to enable them to observe interdisciplinary clinical workflows and daily practices first hand.


György Kovács: ‘The advantages and the future of brachytherapy’

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