UT Southwestern Medical Center

UT Southwestern Medical Center is one of the largest hospitals in Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex.  Located in Dallas, TX, UT Southwestern’s Department of Radiation Oncology provides world-class care to approximately 200+ patients each day and conducts groundbreaking research in clinical radiation oncology, medical physics and engineering, and molecular radiation biology.

Brachy expertise

UT Southwestern Medical Center introduced brachytherapy in 2003.

The hospital was quick to adopt HDR brachytherapy technology and has been offering GYN, GU, miscellaneous brachytherapy to its patients since 2003 first using CT-based planning and introducing MRI-based planning since approximately 2015.

UT Southwestern Medical Center has an extensive brachytherapy service with a special focus on cervical cancer.

The center has impressive brachytherapy facilities and a dedicated brachy team of 3 radiation oncologists and 5 physicists. Around 100 patients receive brachytherapy treatment a year. The center is equipped for HDR image-guided treatment, and is recognized as an expert center in the region.

Educational activities

The hospital can host 2 to 3 days in-house training on aspects of general brachytherapy, image-guided adaptive brachytherapy, using CT-, MR-based image-guided adaptive brachytherapy for gynecology using MRI-based intracavitary/interstitial technique. While no formal GYN brachytherapy course have been run, the hospital has hosted international exchange fellows and trained radiation oncology residents in all aspects of brachytherapy with its nationally recognized radiation oncology residency program.

Upcoming Programs

This is a BrachyAcademy educational centre for: General, Gynecology
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UT Southwestern Medical Center
2280 Inwood Road
TX 75390
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