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21 May 2021
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23 May 2021
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3 days
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Any views or opinions are presented by healthcare professionals who share their insights, recommendations and practical experience with respect to brachytherapy, and do not necessarily represent those of Elekta.

The Scientific Director, Marjory Jolicoeur, invites you to the 8th annual Brachytherapy workshop.

In radiotherapy, over treatment represents a great challenge. Over the years several trials had look at the possibility of downsizing treatment volume or reducing the length of treatment.  For instance, during the last decades several trials have been aiming to reduce radiotherapy treatment time and volume for breast cancer. This is also true for prostate cancer, where focal treatment and extreme hypofractionation are being studied. Therefore, ablative radiotherapy, which is in a sense betting on a higher dose to a smaller volume in order to improve outcome, is the new approach for all tumor sites.

This year’s theme “Brachytherapy: pushing the limit on ablative therapy ” is pointing out the precise nature of the treatment modality.  Brachytherapy had always delivered high doses in a small volume which is perfectly suitable to deliver ablative therapy.

With this program, Curietherapies wants to acknowledge the changing paradigms in the treatment of certain tumor sites, face the challenges of an aging population and, most of all, ponder on brachytherapy precision and conformity. Furthermore, we want to recognize the importance of all professionals involved in the field. We all share the common goal of improving patients’ outcomes while keeping brachytherapy alive.

For this year edition, we gathered leaders in the field to deliver an exciting scientific program with the following objectives:

  • To illustrate the use of brachytherapy for partial breast treatment
  • To discuss dose painting with brachytherapy
  • To discuss improved cosmesis with breast brachytherapy
  • To analyze the challenge of treating older patients
  • To discuss the use of inverse planning in prostate brachytherapy
  • To have a glance at the role of Artificial intelligence in brachytherapy planning
  • To comprehend focal treatment for localized prostate cancer
  • To discuss the use of brachytherapy in some rare tumor site
  • To master the treatment of vaginal cancer

The meeting will also feature small group workshops, abstract presentations and exhibitors. It is certainly of interest to all professionals working in brachytherapy. Your presence will make it even more exciting.  We  are looking forward to welcoming you to Montréal.

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