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Course start
27 Apr 2023
Course end
29 Apr 2023
Course length
3 days classroom workshop
Tata Memorial Hospital and Advanced Centre for Treatment Research and Education in Cancer. Mumbai, India
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Any views or opinions are presented by healthcare professionals who share their insights, recommendations and practical experience with respect to brachytherapy, and do not necessarily represent those of Elekta.

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Organised by

Department of Radiation Oncology and Medical Physics, Tata Memorial Center, Mumbai, India in collaboration with BrachyAcademy

Venue | Rustom Choksi Auditorium, Tata Memorial Hospital, Parel, Mumbai, India

Course description

This 3-day course will be focused on introducing and demonstrating concepts and processes of brachytherapy for Head & Neck and Breast cancers. The course will cover various aspects of brachytherapy which includes patient selection, instruments, techniques, planning and implementation of brachytherapy for these sites. Brachytherapy for various sub sites of Head & Neck such as oral cavity, oropharynx, skin cancer in head & neck region, nasal vestibule and eyelid cancers will be covered. In Breast cancer, brachytherapy for Accelerated Partial Breast Irradiation (APBI), as well as Boost in breast conserving treatment and chest wall brachytherapy will be included. These will be covered in the form of didactic lectures and video demonstrations. There will be hands-on training on the treatment planning system for the planning of brachytherapy for these sites.

Target audience

Radiation oncologists interested in Head & Neck and Breast brachytherapy and who intend to start the brachytherapy program at their centre or enhance their existing skills will be the suitable candidates for this course.
Similarly, medical physicists who would like to develop or enhance their skills of planning of brachytherapy for these sites would benefit from this course.
The team of radiation oncologist and medical physicist from one centre will be preferable, so that the knowledge gained during the course can be implemented at their institution.


  • Clinical experience with Gynecological brachytherapy is mandatory;
  • Clinical experience with Head & Neck and/or Breast brachytherapy is preferable but not mandatory.

Expected knowledge at course completion

At the completion of the course participants will have knowledge to start brachytherapy program for Head & Neck and Breast cancer at their centre. They will have knowledge regarding selecting the right candidates for brachytherapy, preparing the operating room, technique of brachytherapy, planning and implementation of brachytherapy.

Course chairmen

  • JP Agarwal
  • R Kinnhikar

Master Course faculty

  • Ashwini Budrukkar | Course director and course co-ordinator Head Neck
  • Tabassum Wadasadawala | Course co-ordinator Breast
  • Jose Luis Guinot | International faculty, Valencia (Spain)
  • Tibor Major | International faculty, Budapest (Hungary)
  • Luca Tagliaferri | International faculty, Rome (Italy)
  • Umesh Mahantshetty | National faculty, Vishakhapatanam (India)
  • Sarbani Ghosh Laskar
  • Rajiv Sarin
  • Rituraj Upreti

Local Organising faculty TMH

Radiation Oncologists:

  • Anuj Kumar
  • JP Agarwal
  • Monali Swain
  • Rima Pathak
  • Samarpita Mohanty
  • Shwetabh Sinha
  • Siddhartha Laskar
  • Vedang Murthy

Medical Physicists: 

  • Avdhoot Sutar
  • Priyadarshini Sahoo
  • Rajesh A Kinhikar
  • Rajesh Bhajbhuje
  • Reena Phurailatpam
  • Satish Kohle
  • Shrikant Kale
  • Sudarshan Kadam

Local faculty non TMH

Radiation Oncologists:

  • Manish Chandra
  • Rajendra L Bhalavat
  • Sharmila Agarwal
  • Shyam Kishore Shrivastava
  • Vivek Anand

Medical Physicist

  • Sudesh Deshpande

Course fee

SAARC Countries and Africa
Per Participant: 200 Euro
Team (Radiation Oncologist + Medical Physicist): 350 Euro

Per participant: 9000 INR
Team (Radiation Oncologist + Medical Physicist): 15000 INR

Per Participant: 350 Euro
Team (Radiation Oncologist + Medical Physicist): 600 Euro


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