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22 Nov 2023
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22 Nov 2023


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Wednesday, 22 November 2023 1:00 PM Indian Standard Time (IST)

Cervical cancer disproportionately impacts patients in areas with limited MRI availability. However, CT imaging is widely accessible in most radiation therapy departments.

In this exclusive webinar, Dr. Mahantshetty will reveal innovative techniques that overcome CT’s limitations in visualizing soft tissues, enabling accurate target delineation for brachytherapy.

You’ll discover:

  • How to contour GTV, HRCTV, IRCTV using CT and Ultrasound
  • How to optimize CT scan parameters for enhanced visualization
  • Use of novel metrics like Near Maximum Distance to improve CT-based workflow
  • Applications of transabdominal and transrectal ultrasound to supplement CT

Please register for the webinar here

To help you better understand CT-guided brachytherapy in cervical cancer please watch this educational video which we produced with Dr Umesh Mahantshetty in India. This video includes the full brachytherapy workflow using Geneva applicator.




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