Fifth Real-time image-guided HDR BT for prostate cancer Workshop Leeds, UK, December 2016


Murphy’s Law applicable to the 5th HDR prostate Brachy Workshop in Leeds? No way!
Because thanks to the ultimate flexibility of the entire St James’s Faculty, in combination with the endurance and patience of the participants, the Workshop was, like the four previous ones, again a great success.

Let me explain why. Two unforeseen events happened: fog and flu.
Firstly, six participants from Poole Hospital were to fly in from Southampton to Leeds on Tuesday morning to attend the workshop. However, fog prevented the flight taking off. As surrogate means of transport, passengers were offered a bus ride from Southampton to Leeds. So instead of a one hour flight, it worked out to be a seven hour bus ride filled with traffic jams. As a result 60% of attendees missed the entire ‘theory session’ on the first afternoon.
The second unforeseen event was that the patient planned for the morning session on day two could not be treated because of flu.

And here kicks in the ultimate flexibility of the Faculty of the Workshop at St James’s Institute of Oncology. How? Simple. The group of six participants that missed the theory session was provided, by the same Faculty, with all the presentations they had missed the day before! Isn’t that fantastic?!

Yes, it is. The (minor?) downside of all this was that it was rather busy in the OR during the preparation, implant and treatment of the (2nd) patient. But looking at the average score the participants gave for the entire Workshop, scoring 8.9 on a scale of 1 – 10, is what I believe is absolutely excellent!
In summary, a highly motivated group of participants received a great training on HDR Brachytherapy in prostate cancer by the fantastic Faculty in Leeds. I can’t wait till the next Workshop. What about you?

Anne Bijlstra, Global Medical Education Manager