Indian BT Society Guidelines for radiotherapeutic management of cervical cancer with special emphasis on HDR BT

The majority of cancer centers in India currently practice high-dose-rate (HDR) brachytherapy for cervical cancers. In an attempt to streamline management and improve patient care and clinical outcomes, a panel of Indian Brachytherapy Society members was formed. The panel of experts reviewed, discussed and proposed practical recommendations for ensuring minimum standards of radiotherapy, with a special emphasis on brachytherapy treatment for cervical cancers in India.

The resulting guidelines guide radiation oncologists and medical physicists through the whole process of patient management, from diagnosis of cervical cancer to follow-up care after therapy. They include many practical recommendations for what to do if MR is not available, how to prepare the patient for brachytherapy, tips and tricks for inserting applicators and how to deal with complications, etc.

Although focused on the situation in India, the guidelines are in line with European guidelines and those of the ABS (American Brachytherapy Society). They are therefore of interest to all brachy therapists worldwide.

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