New level 1 evidence for multicatheter Interstitial Brachytherapy

Prof Strnad presented the GEC ESTRO prospective randomized study comparing multicatheter brachytherapy with whole breast irradiation yesterday at ASTRO on Monday 19th October and as of October 20th the full publication of this article is on line in the Lancet – see link below.

Key takeaways from this article are :
In early breast cancer after lumpectomy, a shorter course of APBI (Accelerated Partial Breast Irradiation) with multicatheter interstitial brachytherapy is as effective as a longer course of Whole Breast Irradiation.

The good clinical outcomes in this study were independent of age and tumour type.
Younger breast cancer patients (from age 40) had good outcomes in this study which is likely to change current ASTRO guidelines which say that only women of 60 years and above are suitable for this treatment.”