Real-time image guided HDR Brachy prostate workshop in Leeds, UK

On March 12-13th, 2019 BrachyAcademy organized a clinical workshop on Real-time image guided HDR Brachytherapy for prostate at St. James’s University hospital in Leeds, UK in partnership with Dr. Ann Henry and Peter Bownes.

9 Radiation Oncologists, Medical Physicists, RT technicians and Nurses from UK, Ireland and Turkey improved their knowledge and practical skills in real-time HDR brachytherapy of prostate cancer.

The workshop included lectures, a live case, practical sessions on treatment planning and discussions. The live case in the operating theater, showed how to perform all steps within a 3 hour period: imaging and contouring, needle insertion, treatment planning and dosimetry, QA and treatment delivery. Special attention was paid to the necessary excellence in coöperation of all involved team members.