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Situated in the Bexley Wing of St James’s University Hospital in Leeds, England, St James’s Institute of Oncology provides non-surgical treatments for cancer patients. The Bexley Wing is one of the largest and most comprehensive single-site facilities for cancer care on a main general hospital campus in Europe, comprising 66,000m2 with 350 beds.

Brachy expertise

St James’s Institute of Oncology has an extensive brachytherapy service with a special focus on prostate cancer. Over 2500 prostate/seed implants have been performed since 1995. Prostate HDR boost implants were started in July 2007, since then over 250 implants have been performed. The current treatment protocol is a single fraction HDR boost of 15Gy in combination with EBRT (37.5Gy in 15 fractions).

Educational activities

The institute is also an educational center, providing training visits for those interested in learning more about HDR prostate brachytherapy. The brachytherapy department organizes regular clinical workshops about Real-time Image-Guided HDR Brachytherapy for Prostate. The workshop covers clinical and implementation aspects and gives a hands-on impression of the real-time image-guided planning and delivery method. The centerpiece of the program is a live case, in which the participants can directly observe a procedure in the operating room.



Dr. Ann Henry – ‘Real-time image guided HDR Brachytherapy for prostate cancer’


Image produced by Medical Illustration Services, Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

Upcoming Programs

This is a BrachyAcademy educational centre for: General, Prostate
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