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The Ludwig-Maximilians-University (LMU) hospital in Munich is a center for leading-edge medicine, medical innovation and research. The hospital comprises two campuses: Campus Großhadern and Campus Innenstadt. With approximately 500,000 patients treated per year, it is one of the largest hospitals in Germany and Europe. A main focus of clinical care, research and teaching is the treatment of cancer. The comprehensive cancer center (CCC), which is formed in partnership with the Klinikum rechts der Isar in Munich, is one of the Excellence Centers in Oncology recognized by the German Cancer Aid organization and is a member of the German Cancer Consortium (DKTK).

The Department of Radiation Oncology at the University Hospital Munich (LMU), led by Prof. Claus Belka, offers the entire spectrum of radio­therapeutic services, including various specialized techniques and procedures. The main facility is located in Großhadern with 3 linear accelerators, one MR-Linac, a brachytherapy unit, two radiation oncology inpatient units with 25 beds each, a day-care service with 6 beds, and research laboratories. There are 2 additional linear accelerators at the campus Innenstadt. A total of around 2,400 new patients are treated each year; approx. 2,100 with external radiotherapy and approx. 300 with brachytherapy. Clinical areas of expertise include image-guided radiotherapy (IGRT) (MR-guided radiotherapy, CBCT, ultrasound for prostate treatments, and surface scanning for breast treatments), multimodal treatments of lung and head & neck cancers, brachytherapy of liver tumors and MR-guided brachytherapy of cervical cancer, treatment of brain tumors, and integration of PET imaging. The department hosts two dedicated research professorships with associated research groups for medical physics (G. Landry) with a focus on IGRT and for biology (K. Lauber) with a focus on molecular oncology. There also is a close collaboration with the physics faculty of LMU Munich, especially the Department of Medical Physics (head: K. Parodi).

Brachytherapy expertise

The University Hospital of the LMU Munich is among the largest brachytherapy centers in Germany and treats approximately 300 patients per year for a broad range of indications. The Brachytherapy Unit has a dedicated team of 2 radiation oncologists, 2 RTTs and 1 physicist. Emphasis is focussed on liver brachytherapy, a procedure which is performed in close cooperation with the Department of Interventional Radiology (chair: Prof. Ricke | Link to paper P. Hass). The unit treats more than 300 liver lesions (primary liver tumors, oligometastatic disease, often several per patient) per year.

Another important topic is MR-guided brachytherapy for cervical cancer using an advanced gynecological applicator. This applicator allows clinicians to treat advanced stages of cervical cancer with a combined intracaviatry/interstitial approach. The team was the world´s first to treat a patient with the use of this advanced gynecological applicator in April 2017.  (Link to paper of F. Walter)  .The hospital was quick to adopt this technology and has been offering this treatment using MRI-based planning.

Team members

Educational activities

Since 2019, the University Hospital of the LMU Munich has been designated a global BrachyAcademy Educational Center for different brachytherapy techniques, with a special focus on liver malignancies and cervical cancer. The hospital hosts clinical workshops for radiation oncologists, medical physicists and interventional radiologists on liver brachytherapy.

Observational visits to the hospital are organized for people wishing to learn more about a broad variation of interstitial brachytherapy performed in cooperation with the Department of Radiology (mainly liver), where they can observe clinical workflows and daily practices at first hand. The hospital can host 1 to 5 days in-house observational visits on aspects of General Brachytherapy, Image Guided Adaptive Brachytherapy, using CT or MR Image-guided Adaptive Brachytherapy. A special focus is on Gynecology brachytherapy using a combined intracavitary/interstitial Technique.


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